What is Trade Live

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Offers you benefit from the validation of publicly sourced and client-provided entity data using defined industry standard KYC policies to complete management of KYC processes.

Backoffice Integration

Offers a platform to successfully eliminate any exception during back office trade process. It performs tasks and measure the relative performance as per the application in front-end.

Online Trading With Portfolio Management

Get more from your online trading with live script rates and portfolio monitoring experience via trend charts & analysis with a customizable platform available for both Web & Mobile.

Margin Trading Funding

Offers you a system wherein If you don’t have the required funds to trade in a particular stock, you can opt for margin trading facility. Margin trading facility helps you to trade in stocks by borrowing money from your stock broker.

Why it is so special?

Premium Design

Design comes first and always. We make apps dynamic, tested, and pixel perfect

Smart Notification

We offer Smart Notifications as they are the next leap forward, with the unique ability to be delivered locally to each app install.

Fully Responsive

Our products automaticallyrespond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget in the market.

24X7 Support & Update

We ensure 99% up-time to our customers by our 24X7 Technical maintenance & Support services.

App Screenshots

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Pricing Criteria

We work on a simple pricing scheme as levied on the number of user accounts taken on a monthly
basis. For having a deep understanding of your requirements, we bring you the best monthly and
annual package for our exclusive services.

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